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Getting Started with Blogger -  Students

The Spring 2012 EDUC210 class Blogger blog can be viewed at

An e-mail invitation will be sent to you to become an author in this blog. You may need to check your SPAM folder (or add a mail filter - From: Subject: You have been invited to contribute to) or ask us to send another invitation (if at first you don't succeed...).  Request another invitation from DWheeler@Colgate.Edu

To become a full-fledged Author, you must click on the invitation link in the e-mail which will take you to Blogger.Com   Blogger is a Google application so you can access the blog using your Colgate Google e-mail address and password, but Blogger requires you to connect that account to itself (once). If you haven't already done this you will need to enter a Blogger "Display Name" (what shows on your Blogger posts) and a few other administrative items before entering.

To submit a Post, click on one of the Post links. Posts can be added from a web browser or iPhone or Android apps.

Post norms...

A Post really needs to have a title and Blogger doesn't make the Title entry clear. Check at the top of your Post page for a title box and enter something appropriate. You can change it later.

On a very subtle, probably minor, note... if you include a title when you create the post there will be a nice link to that item. If you don't include it there will always be an ugly link to your post - you can add or change a title later, but the initial link in permanent.

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Blog entries are normally not shown in their entirety on the main page. You should select an appropriate point early in your Post to split the entry  --- the "Insert jump break" button will do just that, providing readers a "Read more..." link.

You can insert photos or videos in an entry, create links, and much much more.


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